Are you passionate about art and want to know everyone about your talent? We will help you to create your own gallery. Those wishing to purchase paintings communicate directly with you. We endeavor to improve the dissemination of information of your artworks and pay much attention convenience of using the site.


Placement of artworks on the site is absolutely free. A commission is charged only when it is sold.


Initially you can place up to 5 artworks on the site and if it sell successfully, you can add an unlimited number of artworks.


The commission fee is:

-     15% of the sales price for artworks whose price exceeds 50

      -     20% of the sales price for artworks whose price does not exceed 50

The commission is paid after the sale of the artwork.


If the User does not pay commissions after the sale of his artworks, or has not been active on the site for a long time, his account may be suspended. The Administration reserves the right in its sole discretion, to change (moderate) or to remove any published information that is inconsistent with generally accepted standards of morality, at any time, for any reason or without explanation, with or without notice, and not responsible for any harm which may be caused by the User such action. Also the works can be removed in case of unfair use of this resource.


To post the artworks on the site, is necessary to register by sending an email with your personal photo and the next information:


                                                 - name, surname,

                                                 - phone,

                                                 - e-mail,

                                                 - address or place of residence.

Send one photo with each artwork indicate:

                                                 - the name of artwork,

                                                 - technique,
                                                 - size,
                                                 - price (lei/€).

The information shall be presented in Romanian, Russian and English. In case of lack of translation, information will be published on the send language.


Contact information

                      Phone:   +373 22 448705,   +373 79505795
                      E-mail:   info@pictor.md
                      Address: Republic of Moldova, Kishinev,
                                     str.Kiev14/1, of.41





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